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1-CH Mini Passive Video Balun/ Push pin terminal

SKU: FS-4100SR

1-CH Mini Passive Video Balun/ Push pin terminal

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  • 1-CH Mini Passive Video Balun
  • Push pin terminal connection; tool-less installation in less than 1 minute
  • Built-in TVS for surge protection

The FS-4100SR video balun is a passive (non-amplified) device that allows the transmission of real-time CCTV video signals via cost-effective Unshielded Twisted Paired (UTP) cable. Baseband (composite) signals of any type are supported. Male BNC of FS-4100SR allows connection directly to the camera or DVR. Screw-less terminal block allows tool-less connection of UTP cable output. Used in pairs, FS-4100SR eliminates costly and bulky coaxial cable, allowing live CCTV colour video signal up to 400m. FS-4100SR is also compatible with all the other FOLKSAFE passive transceiver for applications at distances up to /400m and active receivers up to 700m. The superior interference rejection and low emissions of the FS-4100SR allow video signals to coexist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom, or low-voltage power circuits. This allows the use of a shared or existing cable plant. The FS-4100SR has built-in surge suppressor to protect video equipment against damaging voltage spikes. Its crosstalk and noise immunity ensure quality video signals.


  • Security Monitoring System
  • Multimedia Network Teaching System
  • Medical Monitoring Display System
  • Industrial Automation Control System
  • Barking, securities, financial information display system
  • Remote Network Server Monitoring
  • Department Store Security
  • Casino Security
  • Hospitals, Airports and barks
  • School Campuses

1-CH Passive Video Transceiver ( tool-less mini balun)

  • Full-motion colour video signal up to 400m and monochrome (B&W) up to 600m via UTP cat5e/6
  • NTSC, PAL & SECAM video format compatible
  • Real-time transmission
  • No power required
  • Reliable tool-less UTP push-pin terminal block Tool-less installation within less than 1 minute
  • Male BNC connector
  • Exceptional interference rejection
  • Built-in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) for surge protection
  • Lightning protection design Grade:III
  • 50 dB crosstalk and noise immunity
  • Compact size and easy installation
  • ABS engineering plastic housing


  • Video Format
  • Operating Frequency
    • DC to 5MHz
  • Max Distance
    • UTP Category 5e (24AWG) Color: 400m  B&W: 600m
  • Common-mode/Differential-mode rejection
    • 15 KHz to 5 MHz   60 dB typ
  • Impedance
    • Coax, Male BNC 75Ω unbalanced
    • UTP, two push-pins terminal block 100Ω balanced
  • Attenuation
    • 1.5 dB typ Max

Wire Type

  • Network Wiring
    • One Unshielded Twisted Pair (for each video signal) 24-16 AWG (0.5-1.31mm)
  • Category Type
    • 2 or better
  • Impedance
    • 100 ± 20 ohms
  • DC Loop Resistance
    • 18 ohms per 100m
  • Differential Capacitance
    • 19 pF/ft max (62 pF/m max)


  • No external power required


  • Video input/output
    • Male BNC connector
  • Video input/output
    • Tool-less  push-pin terminal block


  • Surge Protection
    • renewable solid state surge protection
  •  Video Input
    • 2KV(common mode), 10/700us IEC6100-4-5/1955(GB/T 1726, 5-1999)
  • Video Output
    • 2KV(different mode), 10/700us IEC6100-4-5/1955(GB/T 1726, 5-1999)


  • Housing
    • ABS engineering plastic
  • Body Color
    • Black
  • Dimensions(L*W*H)
    • 35.1*16.7*18.7mm (BNC connector excluded)
  • Net Weight
    • 20g


  • Operating Temperature
    • -20º ~ 70º C
  • Relative Humidity
    • 0~95% (non-condensing)
  • Storage Temperature
    • -40º ~ 150º C