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AVerCaster HD Duet Plus F239+ - Broadcast Live Content


AVerCaster HD Duet Plus F239+ - Broadcast Live Content

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  • Broadcast and Store Live Content Simultaneously
  • Reduce expenses with multicasting technology
  • Scale video distribution with easy central control
  • Instantly store your content while it broadcasts

A portable dual-channel video streaming encoder, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus delivers HD videos live from HDMI or component input sources to IP network users. Publish RTMP to Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) and popular live streaming platforms, such as YouTube, Twitch, Ustream, and more. With its embedded dual H.264 encoders delivering high quality and efficient bandwidth usage, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus can encode two independent streams from single input sources simultaneously. Alternatively, store content via LANs to any network-mapped drive, saving it in the same format as the input source or the streaming format. With its high compatibility and streaming quality, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus is a cost-effective broadcasting solution that is easy to use and highly scalable.

Let Your Content Be Seen!

Featuring multicasting over an IP network, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus can encode and distribute or store high-definition video content from any device with an HDMI or component output, such TV set-top boxes, camcorders, and e-whiteboards. From there, broadcast the content to an unlimited number of users over an IP network simultaneously.

Back-Up Your Files

Best of all, this portable streaming server can stream up to two HD video broadcasts at the same time, or stream to one video output while storing the content to a network-mapped drive simultaneously. Save content in the same format as either the input source or the streaming format.

Deliver Content to a Range of Devices

This single box streams HD content via standard protocols. Live video or broadcasts can be delivered to a wide range of client devices, including computers, IP-STBs, kiosks, digital signage, and more, or it can be easily deployed into an existing network environment with no extra cost or effort. With H.264 compression, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus delivers both high video quality and efficient bandwidth usage.

Save Money and Scale Reach

With its high compatibility and streaming quality, the AVerCaster HD Duet Plus is a cost-effective solution for making internal announcements or broadcasting live events over the Internet. Easy to use with a range of broadcasting scalability, this encoder will suit both small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The Solution

AVerMedia VueSign CMS is one of the most attractive technology offerings for the delivery of digital signage services today due to its cost efficiency and flexibility. The VueSign CMS solution is the premier model for enabling convenient, on-demand network access to multimedia resources, live streaming, and management. The VueSign CMS can effectively answer the digital signage question and deliver a complete solution from delivery of high quality video (F239+) to a complete content management platform (VueSign CMS) to HDMI receivers (SR310).

Beginning with the F239 Plus, AVerMedia offers the ability to instantly stream over the Internet supporting both RTMP and Multicast-based streaming. Management of all content: VoD, live events and digital signage content, is enforced through the AVerMedia VueSign CMS platform. Standard management and customization options are included in the VueSign CMS platform—template elements, media accessibility/availability and viewing schedules are well supported. Simplifying the entire process even further is realized through the use of wireless HDMI receivers, SR310, eliminating the need for expensive and complicated cabling connections. The process of setting up the digital signage is as simple as connecting the SR310 to the desired display through the HDMI port. 

The AVerMedia VueSign CMS platform allows enterprises and businesses of all sizes to efficiently deploy and maintain a digital signage platform with minimal cost and effort.


By incorporating F239 Plus, VueSign CMS, and SR310 as a complete solution, enterprises will enjoy a comprehensive system to easily offer digital signage, VoD, and live streaming services. Due to its adaptability within existing network infrastructure, enterprise policy delivery, event promotion and corporate wide training are easily realized and adopted in one fell swoop. The F239 Plus, VueSign CMS, and SR310 is the single integrated platform encapsulating all the frontend to backend requirements to get digital signage function streaming through the enterprise door.


Why choose AVerCaster HD Duet Plus?

  • Reduce expenses with multicast technology

Use multicast streaming via AVerCaster HD Duet Plus to deliver live content simultaneously over LAN, eliminating traditional broadcasting expenses. Devices supported for viewing include Windows, Macs, digital signage, infotainment devices, and more. At this low cost, schools or businesses can bypass space and time limitations to distribute or share content with clear, stable streaming quality.

  • Scale video distribution with easy central control

AVerCaster HD Duet Plus's interface allows content management access from any PC connected to a local network, providing a flexible, scalable solution for HD video distribution over LAN. Hospitals or other centers can distribute live TV programs to patients as a way to increase comfort through greater entertainment alternatives.

  • Instantly store your content while it broadcasts

With back-up storage, stream in HD or SD with one output and save the same content at the same time with the second output to any network-mapped drive via LAN. Leverage this utility to broadcast lectures across classrooms, improving distance learning, or broadcast live events to keep departments better connected – all without losing content.

  • Input Signals:
    • 2 x HDMI
    • 2 x Component with RCA L/R audio
  • Input Video Format: Auto-detected 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p50/60, 1080i50/60, 1080p25/30/50/60
  • Encoded Video Format: H.264 High/Main/Baseline profile
  • Resolution
    • 320x240~1920x1080
    • Frame rate 25, 30, 50, 60
    • Bit rate 200Kbps~15Mbps:
  • Encoded Audio Format:
    • AAC-LC mono/stereo
    • Bit rate 64~512Kbps
  • Streaming protocols:
    • RTP unicast/multicast
    • UDP unicast/multicast
    • TCP unicast
    • RTMP publish
  • Streaming & Recording:
    • Duet mode: 2 streaming encoders with independent audio/video input, encode settings and streaming protocol.
    • Splitter mode: Streaming the same audio/video content to different target network with independent encode settings and streaming protocols.
    • Record mode: Simultaneous streaming and recording from the same video/audio.
    • Recording to network mapped drive from NAS & Windows shared folders.
  • Ethernet:
    • 2 independent RJ45 port supporting 10/100/1000Mbps links
    • Static/DHCP/Auto IP assignment
  • IR blaster: 2 x 3.5mm phone Jack
  • Operating Environment: Temperature: 0-50°C/32-122°F
  • Humidity: 0-80% RHNC
  • Storage Environment: Temperature: -30-65°C/-22-149°F
  • Humidity: 0-90% RHNC
  • Power: 12V/1.5A: 18W Maximum
  • Weight: 900g
  • Dimensions: 230mm (L) × 124mm (W) × 42mm (H)
  • Administration:
    • Web UI supporting IE, Firefox, Chrome browser
    • HTTP+XML API for integration and remote control
  • Supported Clients & Software:
    • VLC Media Player for Windows, Linux or Mac
    • mPlayer for Linux
    • IP STB supporting multicasting MPEG-2 SPTS streamin
    • AVerMedia CMS & AVerReceiver
    • AVerCaster Player
    • Wowza
    • Adobe Media Server