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Promate 'BluSonic2' 2-in-1 Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR Audio Transmitter and Receiver


Promate 'BluSonic2' 2-in-1 Bluetooth v2.1 with EDR Audio Transmitter and Receiver

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  • Bluetooth-enable all 3.5mm media devices
  • 2-in-1 Functionality
  • 110mAh built-in Li-polymer battery
  • Bluetooth Transmitter

bluSonic-2 is a portable 2-in-1 Bluetooth receiver and transmitter which provides superior audio quality. bluSonic-2 is very simple to use and allows any Bluetooth-enabled music device to connect between both Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth devices. It can be used to enable a phone to transmit music to a home stereo system or, just as easily, to allow a CD player or other device to transmit to a Bluetooth speaker system or headphone device. With its compact design and rechargeable feature, this is a reliable item that is available whenever and wherever you want to use it.


Universal Wireless USB adapter

  • Bluetooth-enable all 3.5mm media devices
  • 2-in-1 Functionality: Simple one-button switch to shift between the transmitter(TX) and receiver(RX) mode.
  • Bluetooth Receiver: Stream music wirelessly from any host device like a smartphone tablet or PC to any headset or speaker with a 3.5mm Port.
  • Bluetooth Transmitter: Turn any legacy device like CD/DVD players or car audio players into Bluetooth transmitting devices and listen to music wirelessly through a Bluetooth speaker or headset.
  • Built-In Battery: 110mAh built-in Li-polymer battery lets you listen to music wirelessly without connecting it to any power source for over 6Hours.
  • Portable design: the small and compact design, allows you carry bluSonic-2 quickly.
  • Bluetooth Version: v2.1 with EDR
  • Bluetooth Chipset: CSR BC5MM
  • Charging Time: ~2.5 hours
  • Working Range: 10m
  • Playing Time: ~6 hours
  • Battery Capacity: 110mAh
  • Battery Type: Lithium Polymer