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Pro'sKit CATV-CCTV Basic Tool Kit

SKU: PK-PK5011

Pro'sKit CATV-CCTV Basic Tool Kit

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  • CP-507 Coaxial Cable Stripper & Cutter
  • CP-316 Adjustable Compression Tool

This is a complete tool bundle along with F connectors to install or remove existing or additional cable TV, satellite outlets or cable modems. It includes adjustable waterproof compression tool, coaxial cable stripper/cutter and 4pcs F connectors to make your work smart and easy


CP-507 Coaxial Cable Stripper & Cutter

  • For stripping and cutting RG-59, RG-6 cable
  • Unique, safe design
  • Black hook for folding back the braided shield
  • Made of ABS handle with SK5 blade.

CP-316 Adjustable Compression Tool

  • For crimping connector F, BNC, RCA, IEC, MINI F (diameter > 8mm) on RG58, RG6 (3C,4C,5C) coaxial cable.
  • adjustable plunger from 21 to 46 mm
  • Made of S50C and ABS non-slip handle, OAL: 146mm
  • CP-316 Adjustable compression tool
  • CP-507 Coaxial cable stripper/cutter
  • CN-710FCA2-BU 4 pcs F connector for RG6 quad coaxial
  • 903-003 Carry case (160×120×45 mm)