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IRISNotes Executive 2 Digital Pen


IRISNotes Executive 2  Digital Pen

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  • Digital Pen to capture and convert handwritten notes
  • Stores up to 100 A4 pages
  • Keep your real handwritten notes, plus a digital backup
  • Convert to editable digital documents
  • Connect/recharge via USB

Turn your handwritten notes into editable text!

The IRISNotes Executive 2 comes with a USB Receiver and the IRISNotes Pen. To capture your handwritten notes, simply place the receiver at the top of a page and start writing! The receiver is capturing every note, drawings, doodle, etc. When you are back to your computer, simply connect the receiver to download all your notes (via USB cable). Simply keep the digitised version of your notes or have the IRISnotes software convert them to editable text!



Capture your notes and drawings anytime, anywhere. No computer needed! - The digital pen and receiver unit can capture natural handwriting in real time while connected to your PC or Mac and remotely while the base unit is disconnected.

You write, IRISNotes converts it into editable text! - IRISNotes 2 is a real time-saver; it will not only store your handwritten notes and graphs, but also turn them into editable text on your PC or Mac.

Works on any standard paper, standard ink refill - You can write your notes on any kind of paper! Simply place the receiver on the top or the corner of your document and you are ready to write!.

Full mouse and tablet functionality when plugged to your computer - You can set the pen to mouse mode. In this mode, tapping the pen in the writing area or pressing the button on the side of the pen will act like a single mouse click.

Send your recognized notes to any text editing software - The IRISNotes 2 archives the handwritten text and then processes the notes and exports them to standard applications such as Word, Outlook, etc

Online and Offline Mode - The IRISNotes 2 can be used both remotely offline (for example in a meeting room), or it could be connected to the computer as a pen and/or tablet input tool and mouse..

Store up to 100 A4/letter size pages - The IRISNotes allows you to store up to 100 A4 size pages of handwritten data.

Recognition languages - The IRISNotes recognises up to 30 different languages.

Connect to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. - Connect the IRISNotes to your iPad, iPhone or iPod with the Apple 30-pin connector (provided with the IRISnotes Executive2)

USB rechargeable digital pen - The IRISNotes Executive 2 is equipped with a powerful rechargeable battery.

Text & graphs combined recognition - Text and graphs combined recognition is facilitated by the device.

OCR recognition trainer module - This module helps people whose writing style differs from the average to convert their notes with the best possible recognition accuracy rates

Free App on App Store - Thanks to its exclusive App, IRISNotes Executive 2 sends your handwritten notes and graphs directly to your iPhone or iPad. It also allows you to write and draw on photos taken with your iPhone or iPad, so you can share them.

  • Technology: Ultrasound and infrared
  • Rechargeable internal battery: About 3,5 hours to charge
  • Battery type: Receiver: rechargeable lithium-ion battery - Pen: rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Battery life (continuous writing): Receiver: 16 hours - Pen: 11 hours
  • Ink refill: Standard refill (67 mm long x 2,35 mm diameter)
  • Coverage area: Up to A4 / letter size
  • Storage capacity: Up to 100 A4 / letter size documents