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Aten Altusen 16 Port Rackmount Serial Over IP

SKU: SN9116

Aten Altusen 16 Port Rackmount Serial Over IP

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  • Secure in-band and out-of-band network access to serial consoles
  • Browser access with an intuitive GUI
  • Convenient and simple access via browser or Telnet/SSH client
The ALTUSEN SN series of serial console servers integrate cutting Features edge technologies with secure enterprise communications. Available in 16-port models, the serial console server offers both in-band and out-of-band remote serial console access to servers and network devices, via a direct Telnet/SSH client or an applet viewer. SN works in tandem with the ALTUSEN Power Over the NET™ remote power management system. Both can be managed with CC2000 management software to provide centralized data center management and integrated power management. With their comprehensive features, SN series of serial console servers help maximize IT productivity, provide scalability and reduce operational costs.
The serial console server is used to connect serial devices to the Ethernet network to meet the needs of demanding applications in industrial control, data acquisition, environment monitoring, and remote facility and equipment management. It offers versatile operation modes including Real COM Port, TCP Server/Client, UDP Server/Client, Serial Tunnel and Virtual Modem.It helps transform the capabilities of legacy serial devices to take advantage of the TCP/IP network to allow remote access, configuration, and management of the serial devices from anywhere in the world over the Internet.
SN series is a complete secure remote access and control solution. Access rights and privilege control can be applied to individual ports. Consolidated authentication simplifies password management. Data encryption is provided. Logging and alerting helps speed resolution of issues and mitigates risk. Enhanced security functions ensure the compliance of internal security mandates. The ease of use, accessibility and manageability of the SN series serial console servers enables a quick response to changing demands and helps meet ultimate business goals.

System Accessibility and Availability

  • Secure in-band and out-of-band network access to serial consoles
  • In-band access of Ethernet
  • Browser access with an intuitive GUI
  • Terminal-based access with a menu-driven UI
  • Out-of-band access of dial-up modem

Serial Console Management

  • Convenient and simple access via browser or Telnet/SSH client
  • Port access via Telnet/SSH client and third-party client such as PuTTY
  • Direct port access from Telnet client – bypassing login to SN
  • Convenient port access via the applet serial viewer from SN Web GUI
  • Selectable Telnet or SSH for the serial viewer
  • Sun Solaris ready – Sun “break-safe"
  • Alert String
  • Multiple users simultaneously access to the same port – up to 16 connections per port.
  • SN0116 allows only one user to have full access to one port, and the other concurrent users may view only to the same port.
  • Integrated with Power Over the NET product for port and power outlet association


  • SSH and SSL support
  • Private certificate support – SN9116 support private certificate importing Configurable user permissions for port access and control
  • Local and remote authentication and logging
  • Third-party authentication – SN9116 support RADIUS and indirectly support AD through CC2000

System Management

  • System configuration via Web browser of HTTP/HTTPS, Telnet/SSH client and local console
  • System log and event logging
  • Comprehensive logging and event notification
  • SNMP agent
  • Event notification – SN9116 support notification of SMTP email and SNMP Trap
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Multi-browser support – Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Mozilla, and Netscape
  • Customizable global time zone
  • NTP for time server synchronization
  • DHCP for dynamic IP address assignment
  • Integrated with CC2000 for data center centralized management

Serial Device Management

  • Versatile serial operating modes – SN9116 support Real COM and TCP Server
  • Multiple simultaneous connections to the same port – up to 16 connections per port
  • Real COM driver for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Real TTY driver for Linux
  • Fixed TTY driver for UNIX
  • Connectors:
    • Serial: 16 x RJ-45 Female
    • LAN Ports: 1 x RJ-45 Female
    • Power: 1 x IEC 60320/C14
    • Local Console: N/A
    • Modem: N/A
    • PON: N/A
    • Laptop USB Console (LUC) Port: N/A
    • USB Port: N/A
  • Switches:
    • Power: 1 x Rocker Switch
    • Reset: 1 x Semi-recessed Pushbutton
  • LEDs:
  • Serial: 8 (Green)
    • Link: 1 (Green)
    • 10/100 Mbps: 1 (Orange/Green)
    • 10/100/1000 Mbps: N/A
    • Power: 1 (Blue)
  • Input Power Rating: 100–240VAC; 50/60Hz;1.8A
  • Power Consumption: 120V; 8W/ 230V; 8W
  • Environmental:
    • Operating Temperature: 0 - 40°C
    • Storage Temperature: -20 - 60°C
    • Humidity: 0 - 80% RH, Non-condensing
  • Physical Properties:
    • Housing: Metal
    • Weight: 3.30 kg
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 43.72 x 20.98 x 4.40 cm