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Brateck CPU Holder Under Desk Mount - Black


Brateck CPU Holder Under Desk Mount - Black

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Brateck CPU Holder Under Desk Mount - Black

The desk on which the computer is used is almost as important as the computer itself. Some people may think that laptops can be operated in any conditions, but the truth is that for optimal productivity you need an ergonomic chair and desk in the appropriate height. After you’ve chosen an adequate desk, you may need some additional computer desk accessories to set up you work area just right. First of all it’s important to have the computer system at hand, so that you can insert disks very easily or take down the computer cases side if necessary. Unfortunately most standard computer desks are not designed for easy access, so you may need to take out one or two parts of the desk and install a CPU Holder Under Desk Mount.


Material: Heavy duty steel
Colour: Black
Width Adjustable: 70mm-230mm
Height Adjustable: 330mm-530mm
Sliding Tray: 450mm long