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TerraMaster F2-NAS 2 NAS Device, 2x 3.5' SATA Bays, RAID 0/1, JBOD, Gigabit, USB 2.0, BT


TerraMaster F2-NAS 2 NAS Device, 2x 3.5' SATA Bays, RAID 0/1, JBOD, Gigabit, USB 2.0, BT

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  • Big capacity cloud storage and file sharing
  • Backup center for business application environments
  • NAS and iSCI compatible storage server virtual solution
  • Simply establish personal/private cloud storage space
  • Supports Mobile access from iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets.

TerraMaster F2-NAS 2 is a private cloud, it not only makes your file storage and sharing easy and convenient, but also realizes low cost data sharing and storage for families and small sized offices.

The F2-NAS 2 provides very economic and complete network storage solution, it allows small and medium size enterprises to share and store data at low costs. F2-NAS 2 is a multi-functional server that supports iSCSI.

  • Big capacity storage and file sharing
  • Backup center for business application environment 
  • NAS, iSCSI storage virtual server solution
  • iSCSI Solution for Server Virtualization
  • Multi-functional business application service
  • Simply establish personal/private cloud storage space
  • Abundant business features
  • Low power consumption, 22w under operation.

With Middle size enterprises that need large storage space for data backups, storage, management and sharing. The F2-NAS 2 has an outstanding hardware configuration, Marvell 1.6 GHz CPU and 512MB DDRII, support 2 pieces 3.5inch SATA hard disk. The operating system is strong, support Single hard disk, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1.

F2-NAS 2 is an excellent storage device for small and middle size enterprises and SOHO, with stylish design, excellent performance, support hard disk hot-plugging, support eSATA and USB connector, Gigabit network port and LED indicator.


Excellent performance and rich server functions

F2-NAS 2 supports cross-platform service for Windows, Mac, Linux and UNIX, supports file systems of EXT3/EXT4. With leading server function, includes built-in iSCSI device application, iSCSI initiator and virtual disk drive to expand NAS capacity, supports Single hard disk, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID recovery and hard disk statues report, power statues management.

The maximization of appliction as multimedia storage center

The multimedia application solution of F2-NAS 2 provides new experience for users. The UPNP media server can support a series of media players, such as: Sony, PS3, Microsoft Xbox 360, ETC; It’s also compatible with HD A/V media players, output the A/V files to TV with high definition; The users can manage download task of BT/FTP/HTTP against F2NAS-2 remotely through network, only needs to work with software of WEBDAV that can be downloaded from Apple store and Google Play.

Advanced RAID Management with Hot-swap Design

To secure data safety, F2-NAS 2 provides advanced RAID management function with operating in setting page, the RIAD modes includes Single hard disk, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1. F2-NAS 2 supports hot-swap design. In comparison with other NAS, it allows for over 1 hard disk in damage, which provides a more reliable data application environment.

Expand NAS storage with Virtualized hard disk

Administrator can easily expand NAS storage via the unique “External Virtual Hard Disk”. F2-NAS 2 can connect other iSCSI targets through built-in iSCSI initiator. F2-NAS 2 can work as stack master and connect up to 8 stack targets. So the NAS users can utilize the space in other network device, only needs to connect to this port at F2-NAS 2.

low cost iSCSI solution

Both NAS and iSCSI are supported by F2-NAS 2, it can provide an IP-SAN solution with high efficiency and low cost. The iSCSI device can support up to 256 groups, can be worked as the expansion for PC or server, or actually as PC ( such as : data base server, email server, etc)
F2-NAS 2 supports the function of “Thin Provision” for iSCSI device setting, you can preset virtual space without any influence of real storage capacity at the beginning of iSCSI setting.

S.M.A.R.T. & Advanced Hard Drive Health Scan (HHS)

F2-NAS 2 supports Hard Drive Health Scan (HHS) for disk checking and bad blocks scanning by S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology), and deliver warning message by email, inform users to backup data.

Complete backup solution

compatible with third party backup software

F2-NAS 2 can works with the most backup software, such as Acronis True Image, CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup, EMC Retrospect, Symantec Backup Exec. It allows users to backup data from PC to F2-NAS 2 easily. The software supports real-time and scheduled data backup.

Rsync remote backup

The data in F2-NAS 2 can be backed up to another F2-NAS 2 device, or backup to another server that supports Rsync.

Apple Time Machine backup management

The Mac user can back up the data in Time Machine to NAS via network, there is no need take any storage capacity of Macbook. Also the users can manage the storage capacity and data flexibly.

Support data backup via USB with high speed

TerraMaster F2-NAS 2 features high speed USB ports for backup to external hard drives. EXT3, EXT4, NTFS, and HFS+ file systems are supported to ensure compatibility with Windows, Mac® OS X, and Linux operating systems. The users can immediately, timely or synchronously backup data from NAS to external devices.

Cross-platform Sharing and data storage center

Web File Manager interface

You can manage the files in server through internet explorer as F2-NAS 2 provide web file manager interface. With the functions of smart file retrieve, quantity upload/download/unzip, encrypted transmission and access rights settings, the users can share and store data safely.

ISO File Archiving and Sharing

F2-NAS 2 supports mounting ISO images of CD and DVD discs for network sharing folders for data archiving, storage, and sharing. This feature saves space from storing the physical discs, reduces the risk of data loss caused by long term use of the discs, and enhances the access speed.

Multimedia Center

Providing a multi-functional platform to store and share various kinds of audio/video data. The users can watch pictures on webpage, or share to others through email.

Supports iPhone, iPad and android mobile device to store data

You can download and install “WEBDAV” through apple store or android market, it’s available to store multimedia data in NAS and play videos, watch pictures, upload instant pictures, listen to music and share the music list to others users of iPhone, iPad and android smart phone.

Cross-platform File Sharing among Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix

F2NAS-2 supports cross-platform operation, which provides different utility environment for users to share file data.

Folder management

Administrator can set to display or hide sharing folders to protect data.

Power Management

Wake on LAN

This option helps administrator to power on F2-NAS 2 remotely by Wake on LAN. The function helps to save power consumption and enhance safety.

Hard disk standby setting

Users can set hark disk in standby mode if there is no data storage in a particular time.

Scheduled Power on/off

Create schedules to automatically turn on, turn off, or restart F2-NAS 2 .

Secure Measures for Data Storage and Share
  • IP Address filtering management: The administrator can allow or deny specified IP address which attempt to connect to F2-NAS 2.
  • SSL Security (HTTPS): the administrator can store and manage data through web page safely.
  • Remote access F2-NAS 2via SSH (Secure Shell)
  • F2-NAS 2 offers secure data transfer with SSL/TLS (explicit) encryption. passive FTP mode and band width management are also supported
  • Smart FTP management: administrator can set the upper limit of FTP that gets online and accounts.
  • Encrypted remote backup: The data on F2-NAS 2 can be backed up to or from other F2-NAS 2 or Rsync server over the network securely
  • FTP write-only permission setting: administrator can define the authority to edit or download data, but to upload files via FTP.

Automatic IP filtering

The administrator can allow, deny or auto block specified IP address which attempt to connect to F2-NAS 2 via SSH, Telnet, HTTP(S), FTP, Samba, or AFP.

Multi-functional network disk unit

  • File server
    File Server is for user to store and share files. What the users care most is whether the private data or secret files are accessed by others. F2NAS-2 allows administrator to create user ID and password, and define the authority and quota for each user, to protect data safety in the server.
  • FTP Server
    As there is capacity limitation for email transmission, you can establish an FTP server with F2-NAS 2 and share files conveniently to your colleagues or customers with just several steps in setting.
  • Backup server
    It takes much time and efforts for data backup, so F2-NAS 2 provides enterprise-level technology and makes the backup more convenient and efficient. As there are some smart automatic backup software, it’s available to realize synchronous file backup mode, or backup data from multiple PC to TerraMaster NAS.
  • encrypted remote replication
    You can replicate files from F2-NAS 2 to other TerraMaster NAS devices with encryption or not.
  • Web server & virtual host feature
    With the functions of Web server and virtual host, you can set up several websites under PHP and My SQL. F2-NAS 2 supports HTTPS connection and SSL certificate, and it’s compatible with multiple applications, such as E-shop, personal Blog, CMS and Wiki software.
  • My SQL server
    F2-NAS 2 can works as a remote webpage server, or as another backup data-base.
  • Built-in TwonkyMedia UPNP media server
    F2-NAS 2 can be served as multimedia storage center, it’s compatible with media player with UPNP function. You can play the photos and videos on TV without PC connection; you can listen to your favorite music or online radio with the same methods.
  • Photo Share
    You can share your photos with your family members and friends around the world via F2-NAS 2 . You can access and share the digital photos with the easy method.
  • Download Center
    F2-NAS 2 is a good download helper without PC. F2-NAS 2 supports BT/PT download, and FTP/HTTP download. As for BT/TP download, our software has built-in DHT mode, also improving the protocol communication effect between TCP and UDP, which improves BT download speed. You can feel as you are downloading via P2P at PC. The users can download through IE and manage the task.
  • iTunes server
    Music fans and Apple product users are attractive by the function of music sharing. You can store the mp3 music to F2-NAS 2 or play on MAC or Windows PC. The users can listen to the music stored in F2-NAS 2 via the link only if opening iTunes software.

Powerful system management tool

Smart fan

The rotation speed of the fan is adjusted to the current system temperature. Administrator can define the rotation speed.

Support SSL safety certificate

The administrator can upload a secure certificate and RSA private key in X.509PEM format issued by a trusted provider to allow access F2-NAS 2 by secure SSL login.

Syslog Server

All events and online records can be stored to Syslog server with the setting.

Network Recycle Bin

The files in NAS folder cancelled will be transferred to particular resource recycle folder. So you can restore files cancelled incaution.

Comprehensive Event Management System

Detailed logs of file-level access to F2-NAS 2 via Samba, iSCSI, FTP, AFP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, and SSH, and networking services accessed by online users can all be recorded.

Full System information

The server administrator can get full information of the system via administrator utility page, such as: CPU unilization ratio, internal storage and useful space, sending/receiving and error packet, system power on, CPU temperature, system temperature, hard disk temperature.


Hardware Configuration

  • CPU: Marvell 6282 1.6GHz
  • Memory: 512MB DDRIII RAM
  • Flash: 512MB
  • Hard Disk Support: 2 x 3.5" SATA Hard Disk
  • Hard Disk Capacity: 8TB (2X 4TB HDD) (Capacity is decided by different RAID modes)
  • Internet Interface: 1 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet port
  • LED Indicator: Power On, LAN, eSATA, HDD 1, HDD 2
  • USB Interface:
    • 1 x USB 2.0 Interface
    • USB-Disk, USB hub ,USB mobile hard disk
  • eSATA Interface: 1 x eSATA Interface
  • Button: Power On/Off, Reset
  • System Fan: 1 ultra quiet cooling fan(9 cm, 12V DC)
  • Alarm Buzzer: for system warning
  • Form Factor: Tower
  • Size:
    • Machine Size: 215 x 129 x 113mm
    • Package Size: 258x 220 x 170mm
  • Product Weight:
    • Net Weight: 2 Kg 
    • Gross Weight: 3 Kg
  • Product Consumption(W):
    • Sleep Mode: 6W
    • Full Operation Mode: 22W (with 2x 1TB hard disk installed)
  • Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40˚C/32 ~ 104°F
  • Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95% R.H.
  • Power Consumption: External Power Supply,102W, Input: 100-240V; Output: 12V/4A;


  • FTP Server: Bandwidth Control, Passive FTP port range control
  • Mail Server: suport mail server communication protocal : POP3, SMTP, IMAP
  • Web Server:
    • Support virtual server (Max: 30)
    • PHP/MySQL
    • editable HTTP web error
    • Third Party application support
  • DLNA/UPnP Multimedia Server:
    • PS3/Xbox 360 support
    • Audio format support: AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, Ogg Vorbis, PCM, WAV, WMA, WMA VBR, WMA PRO, WMA
    • Video format support: 3GP, 3G2, ASF, AVI, DAT, DivX, DVR-MS, ISO, M2T, M2TS, M4V, MKV, MP4, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, MTS, MOV, QT, SWF, TP, TRP, TS, VOB, WMV, XviD, RMVB
    • Image format support: BMP, JPG (jpe, jpeg), GIF, ICO, PNG, PSD, TIF (tiff), UFO
  • Download Service:
    • Support download modes: BT/PT/HTTP/FTP
    • BT/PT port range control
    • BT/ PT bandwidth control
  • iTunes Server:
    • Audio format support: MP3, M4A, M4P, WAV, AIF, The music in WAV and AIF format can be streamed, but the metadata (ex: title, album) may not be indexed on the iTunes
    • Video format support: M4V, MOV, MP4
    • Playlist format support: M3U, WPL
  • Print Server:
    • Print quantity support: 1
    • Print type support: LPR, CIFS, AppleTalk, AirPrint, Multi-functional printer (MAC only support PostScript USB print under MAC mode)

General Specification

  • Network Protocol: CIFS /AFP /NFS /FTP /WebDAV /iSCSI /Telnet /SSH /SNMP
  • File System:
    • EXT4
    • EXT3( only for external hard disk)
    • FAT(only for external hard disk)
    • NTFS(only for external hard disk)
  • Storage Space Management:
    • Max No. of storage space:128
    • Max Capacity of storage space:108TB
    • Max No. of iSCSI Target: 10
    • Max No. of iSCSI LUN: 10
    • RAID mode support: Single hard disk, JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1
  • File Sharing:
    • Max No. of user account: 2048
    • Max No. of group: 256
    • Max No. of file sharing: 256
    • Max No. of connection: 128
  • Windows ADS domain intergration: data storage via Samba/AFP/FTP/File Station
  • Backup Solution:
    • network storage
    • local backup
    • PC backup
    • File synchronous sharing:2
    • Max No. of backup task:4
    • Time Machine backup (Mac)
  • Data Safety:
    • FTP with SSL/TLS (Explicit)
    • Policy-based Automatic IP Blocking
    • Firewall
    • encripted rsync network backup
    • HTTPS safety access support
  • Management:
    • Firmware update/administrator group/user quota/resource monitoring/
    • change HTTP/HTTPS ports
    • Email warning/ SMS/Timer switch
    • DDNS support/ PPPoE
  • Hard Disk Management:
    • hard disk sleep
    • S.M.A.R.T.
    • hard disk restore
  • Client port type support:
    • Windows
    • Mac
    • Ubuntu
  • IE Support:
    • Chrome8
    • Firefox
    • Internet Explorer: 7, 8, 9
    • Safari (MAC): 4, 5
  • Mobile Device Support:
    • iPhone OS 2.2.1 or more advanced version
    • Android OS 1.5 or more advanced version
    • Windows Mobile (IE Mobile or Opera 9.0)
    • Symbian OS 9.1, S60 3rd Edition or more advanced version
  • Language Support: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish & Hungarian

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