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Frequently asked questions

♦ The basics
♦ Browsing Products
♦ Managing your Orders
♦ Other useful additions

The basics

  • How do I login to my account?

If you have used the previous version of the Anyware website then logging in is easy – your login name and password will not have changed. Simply click on either ‘Login’ or ‘My Account’ near the top of the homepage to access the login screen.

  • What if I am still unable to login?

If you have any difficulties logging in, whether due to a forgotten password or any other issue, you can click the “Forgot your password?” link below the login fields. Alternatively you can call your local Anyware office on 1300 269 927 and one of our Customer Service staff will be more than happy to help.

  • I have not been previously registered with Anyware – how can I acquire a login?

Any new resellers wishing to register for the first time (or existing resellers without a prior login) can simply click ‘Register’ from atop the home page and complete some basic business details. Registrations must be manually processed by an Anyware staff member so as to protect access to wholesale pricing from the general public. As such they are typically processed within 24-48 hours during business days.

  • Once logged in how can I change my password?

On the ‘Account Information’ tab within ‘My Account’ you will find a checkbox marked ‘Change Password.’
Checking this box will reveal the Change Password function.
A link to the same section is also visible on the Account Dashboard beneath Contact Information.

  • How can I edit my billing, shipping and other addresses?

Also within the My Account menu, the third listing is the Address Book.
Within this section you can set or change your default billing or shipping addresses, as well as add other frequently used addresses such as alternate office or branch locations.

  • What is a Datafeed?

A Datafeed is a service we offer to resellers who wish to receive a daily data file including all of our products, details, prices and stock levels. The data is available as a CSV or XML file which can be emailed each day to a designated address, or uploaded to an FTP site of your choosing where the data can be used to update your own site or stock management system.

  • How can I submit a request for receiving the Datafeed?

Within the My Account Dashboard click the option for ‘Datafeed Setup.’ The resulting page will reveal any existing Datafeeds for your company, outstanding requests, as well as the option to ‘Add New’ to be delivered via either Email or FTP. Complete all fields and your request will be processed ASAP.

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Browsing Products

  • How can I browse products by category?

From the homepage look for the ‘Categories’ and ‘Brands’ tabs directly beneath the Anyware logo. By selecting the ‘Categories’ tab you can view all product categories, now expandable to show 2 subsequent sub-category levels for easy product selection.

  • How can I browse products by Brand?

From the homepage look for the ‘Categories’ and ‘Brands’ tabs directly beneath the Anyware logo. By selecting the ‘Brands’ tab you can view all Anyware brands. Clicking on each will present a listing of all products for that brand which can then be sorted by numerous variables such as SKU, Price, Best Sellers, etc.

  • When browsing a list of products, can I change the view from a List View to a Grid View, or vice versa?

Yes of course. Above the product listing you will find ‘View as’ on the left-hand-side. Select whichever view works best for you.
When viewed as a list you can in fact add numerous different products to your cart at once. For example if viewing Network Cables you may wish to add 20 x 5mtr, 20 x 2mtr and 20 x 10mtr. Simply alter the value for each quantity within the list and look for the ‘Add Selection to Cart’ button located below the full listing.

  • Can I change the number of results viewable on each page?

You can view up to 36 (in List View) or 60 (in Grid View) products per page by adjusting the pulldown selection at the top-right of product listing pages. This allows you to take in more available products at once, or minimise page loads depending on your bandwidth.

  • When browsing product categories, what filtering options are available to help me select the right product?

Once you have selected either a category or sub-category any available options will be visible above the list itself, signified by the ‘Browse By:’ heading. Typically if in a first- or second-tier category you will be able to filter by available sub-categories, as well as by brand. For example, if viewing the Modem/Router subcategory you should have available further refinement to view ADSL Filters, Wireless Routers, Ethernet Routers, etc. as well as a choice of brands in a second pulldown box.

  • What if I cannot see the ‘Browse By’ heading atop the list of products?

In this case you are either at the lowest sub-category level with no further refinement available, or there is only one brand available for the selected products.

  • How can I compare products?

By clicking the ‘Add to Compare’ link beneath each product you can populate a list of products to be used in a list for side-by-side comparison. Once one or more products have been added to the Compare list, the function will become visible, located beneath the Categories/Brands listing at the far left of page.
Clicking the ‘Compare’ button will launch a new window in which all listed products are shown side-by-side with all product details visible on one page. You can even add one or more of the items directly to your cart from this page. When finished comparing simply close the window; don’t forget to remove the items from your Compare List when done.

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Managing your Orders

  • Can I view previous orders and invoices?

Yes, from within the My Account Dashboard simply select ‘My Orders’ from the left-hand menu to locate a list of all orders placed via the website, as well as a listing of all previous orders within our system.

  • What is a Standing Order?

 A Standing Order is basically an order list which you keep on file for regular items. You can have multiple Standing Orders, perhaps a list of items which you stock up on monthly, and another that you top up quarterly, or you might just treat it as a Wish List of items to order later.

  • How do I create a Standing Order?

Anytime you have items in your Shopping Cart you can select ‘Copy to Standing Order’ or ‘Copy All to Standing Order.’ Beside each of these options is a pulldown arrow which presents options for saving to the default list or creating a new list – useful for variable purchasing cycles.

  • Where can I find and edit my Standing Orders?

Access your Account Dashboard by clicking ‘My Account’ at the top right of screen. Within the available menu options presented under My Account you will find ‘Standing Orders.’ The resulting screen will allow you to view and edit the existing Default Standing Order as well as ‘Create New Standing Order’ if required.

  • When placing an order can I enter individual product codes manually without searching or browsing to each product one-by-one?

Yes you can. Located under the ‘My Account’ menu options is ‘Order by SKU.’ The resulting page presents two options – to enter SKUs directly or upload a file. For the ‘Order by SKU’ method simply add the product code directly into the field marked ‘SKU’ near the top of page, followed by the relevant order quantity for each item in the field marked ‘Qty.’ Each additional item will require you to click ‘Add Row.’
When your list is complete simply click ‘Add to Cart’ to do just that.

  • Can I create an order in Excel and upload it directly to your site to generate a PO?

Also located on the ‘Order by SKU’ page (see above listing) is the option to upload a CSV file complete with all codes and quantities. This is particularly useful for keeping a running order offline (in Excel or similar software) such that it will be ready to upload directly into our system and populate your shopping cart without searching item by item.
Look for the ‘Browse’ button on the Order by SKU page and use it to locate a CSV file on your local machine.
Please note that files must strictly be in the CSV file format with 2 columns only. The first cell in each column must by ‘sku’ and ‘qty’ respectively to avoid a data error.
When ready click ‘Add to Cart’ to do just that.

  • Can I add multiple items to my cart from a search or listing page?

Only if browsing products via the ‘List View’ (see the Browsing Products FAQ.)

  • What is the Mini Cart?

The ‘Mini Cart’ is located near the top-right of each page, above the search bar. Clicking the Mini Cart will show a preview of the 3 most recently added items including thumbnail, product name, pricing and qty. You will have the option to edit or remove each of these 3 recent items, and will also receive an up-to-date subtotal for the entire contents of your cart.
Most important are the links at the bottom of the Mini Cart which take you to the full Shopping Cart, or direct to the Single Page Checkout.

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Other useful additions

  • Am I able to look back upon recently viewed items?

When you have viewed one or more items on the Anyware website the ‘Recently Viewed Products’ window will become visible, displaying (up to) the 3 most recently viewed items. This will be located beneath the Categories/Brands listing on the left of page. Please note that if the ‘Compare Products’ function has been populated then you will find the ‘Recently Viewed Products’ beneath that also.

  • Where can I find product suggestions such as items similar to the one I am viewing?

Some products have alternative or similar product suggestions enabled to assist you when ordering. These can be located at the bottom of an individual product page, beneath the product description listing.

  • I have a Voucher Code or Coupon Code, where should I enter it?

From time to time we will offer Voucher Codes which will enable resellers to claim special discounts, free freight promotions or similar bonuses. Such codes can be entered via the Shopping Cart. You can find the Voucher Codes section listed beneath any products in your shopping cart, adjacent to the Grand Total. Be sure to click ‘Apply Coupon’ before progressing to the Checkout to ensure the necessary discounts are applied.

  • Is the site optimised for viewing on a smartphone or tablet?

Yes indeed! We now have an all-new, purpose-built mobile website which incorporates almost all of the functions of the full site. Some of the more intricate functions like ‘Order by SKU’ and ‘Compare Products’ have unfortunately been omitted, but the browsing, searching and ordering has all been maintained.
We’ve also improved the individual product pages, putting more information and images right where you need them, making it easier to locate the right product to meet your customers’ needs.

If browsing on a tablet that supports landscape view you will now be able to take full advantage of the improved layout to see more products and more detail than previous. We hope you like it!]

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